Larkspur Dance Company derives it's moniker from the Larkspur flower, a member of the buttercup family ​known for its beauty and for the fact that it is poisonous. When you take a deeper look at the plant there is much more of a story to tell – it has many medicinal uses ranging from treating insomnia to soothing scorpion bites and can be made into a vibrant purple ink.

Much like the flower there are many hidden uses for dance as an art form. It can be beautiful and aestheticly pleasing while simultaneously challenging us to look at the world in new ways. Dance has the unique ability to provide an experience with the capacity to provoke us, and challenge us. It can also entertain, and educate.

When choosing a name for the contemporary dance company, director Anna Seagrave found that the interior life of the larkspur flower, a symbol of fragility and strength spoke loudly to many of her choreographic inspirations, including the role of women in society - the culture of feminity. Site-specific performance and the many ways that dance can create a space and interdisciplinary collaboration. Larkspur Dance Company is a vehicle for exploring, experimenting and bringing dance to a greater community.